window into autumn views...

inspired from autumn scenes, as I remember them  from long ago.
Once again these prints are accomplished at the end of a long creative investigation.
They are an amalgam of many techniques, applied at different instances, under different "moods".
While immersed in this "theme" I took different paths seeking solutions through different techniques; sometimes this was achieved through complete awareness, other times subconsciously.
The conclusion was reached through the use of digital technology.


  1. Another masterclass in visualisation, design and colour. I just wish I had a fraction of your skills Anna! Lesley.

  2. Your colour sense is wonderful, Anna, these are beautifully assembled.

  3. I do get the sense and feeling of autumn in these pieces- more like memories of autumn pasts.

  4. Amazing combinations and explorations - there is so much to explore in each image! I can't even begin to think about creating something so complex - they are fabulous!

  5. These are all so beautiful and the second one is stunning.


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