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Tri-Fold: New Perspectives on Book Arts

Tuesday evening was the opening of Tri-Fold: New Perspectives on Book Art, the Artists' Books exhibit I am so happy to be part of and so fortunate to happen to be in New York and able to attend. My two books on show are among some incredibly wonderful structures, by some truly talented and inspired artists. When it comes to art, I believe words are not necessary... Instead here are some of the photos I took of the books on display and also a glimpse of the actual gallery housing them in such grand style.
The show will be on until November 27; if you are in New York and interested in viewing a great show on Artists' Books in a bursting buzzing arty energy neighborhood, then you MUST get to Williamsburg and to the WAH: you will love it!
in the photos works by: Carolyn Thompson, Joseph Lappie, Julie Dodd, Silvia Japkin, Valerie Hird, Seth Apter, Anna Mavromatis
I apologize for not having all the artists' names whose works are shown here.


  1. Anna,
    What stunning books! This looks like a wonderful exhibition. I wish I posessed a fraction of your talent... in my dreams! Hope the exhibition is a real success for all concerned. Lesley

  2. I'm with Printed Material! I've just asked a cyber-friend in NY if he'd have a look and give me(us) his opinion.

  3. Thank you Lesley, thank you Diane!
    I am so glad I was there and can at least share the photos with you...
    with the warmest and arty greetings!!!

  4. Oh, Anna, what glorious company your beautiful books are in. This is a stunning exhibition - and your photos do it justice. Very inspiring. Congratulations!

  5. I can never see too many artist books. Congratulations!

  6. some beautiful books well done

  7. Dinah sent me here and, boy, am I glad she did! This stuff is extraordinary. I've taken a few bookbinding classes at the Center for Book Arts in Manhattan, so I know how difficult this stuff is to pull off. Well done, all of you. Wish I could see the show in person, pick up the books (gently) and examine how they're constructed.

  8. Leslie Avon Miller shared this link with me. Thank you for highlighting the show and including my book in your post as well. It really is a great exhibtiion. Stop by my blog if you like, as I just linked to you in my most recent post.

  9. Congrats!

    I would love to see the exhibit. Thanks for sharing so many photos!

  10. Beautiful work Anna, very inspiring ! Thank you for showing ...


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