digital collages...

narrating a seasons' change
Periodically, as an exercise (or should I say reminder that there is always more to explore in something previously considered "done"), I revisit past works and with a new approach and attitude I see them as a source to draw from and develop something new!
Here is one more example of work resulting from bringing together fragments of cyanotype/photograms done this past summer and "marrying" them with details from mixed media/monotypes.
The resulting "collages" were developed in Photoshop while listening to Leonard Cohen songs... 
cyanotype/photogram, bleached and toned: one of the "sources" for the above digital collages


  1. really pretty anna - and although you're entering autumn and we in the southern hemisphere are going into spring - I think these images can relate to either/both seasons (but that might just be me!)

    I particularly like the cyanotype at the bottom.... delicate.... xxx

  2. Anna,
    The digital collages are so striking. I wish I knew how to do that. I only have PS Elements and mess about ineffectively withreou it.I love the idea of revisiting work and giving it a whole new perspective. Lesley

  3. Gorgeous! I particularly like the final one.

  4. a beautiful depth to these images anna, the textures are great.

  5. Ronnie, so glad my change of season translates well to YOUR change of SEASON! Your comments are always very special to me!!!

    Lesley, Photoshop is a wonderful tool, but like everything else it requires some practice... In my case, I have been using it for "commercial" work for a very long time, and still I have not touched more than a very narrow sliver of it...

    Annie, Ida, thank you for your comments! Nothing greater for an artist but to hear approving words from fellow artists!
    Thank you all very much!!!


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