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... a bit of bragging?!?!?!
SAO Select, Tradition Bank, Houston, Texas - September 2010 
Photo Book Works 
international exhibition of artists’ books incorporating photography as a primary element. 
Juried by Mia Semingson, in view at the Abecedarian Gallery, Denver, CO through October 30
and coming up in Williamsburg-Brooklyn, NY: 
Tri-Fold: New Perspectives on Book Arts 
and what a GREAT coincidence! This is happening while I am visiting New York to meet and spend time with my first and very beautiful grand baby! The other day while delivering  my selected books for the show, I met with the wonderful art director/founder Yuko Nii and had a glimpse of the other participants' works; I am truly proud to be among such amazing group of artists! 
I will be posting more on this after the opening...


  1. Oh, congratulations! (I knew that was a special frog.)

  2. Leslie, thank you!

    Diane, indeed he was too special! And well worth all the attention while showing off (through his book) in a Denver, Colorado gallery!!!

  3. Congratulations, indeed! Beautiful photo with the book (or books?); delighted to see the frog book again; Tri-Fold sounds very interesting; and seeing your grand baby for the first time will be absolutely wonderful.xx

  4. Congratulations Anna - and please 'brag' whenever you can. Its good for all our souls to hear of the successes of others and it gives great delight to know that good things are coming your way. Have a fab time in NYC

  5. Anna,
    I don't think it's bragging to be proud of your work. I'm sure you'll be in great company and I hope all the events are successful. Enjoy the time with your family in New York too! Lesley

  6. congrats Anna, I think Seth Apter is in this show too... your work is wonderful!


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