a (very) old fashioned...

paper decorating technique

In the past the art of paste was practiced in the bookbinding industry, mainly to produce patterned papers for use as endpapers in books! Now days there is a revival of all types of old fashioned paper decorating/painting techniques and I am thrilled!
I love working on old tried methods, I love researching them,  trying ancient paste recipes and when I get in the mood... well, experimenting by devising my very own! Of course as the saying goes: nothing new under the sun, so most of the time when I am sure I am forming a very "new" twist to the old tried paste recipe, it turns out it has been used before!
Here is my latest batch of autumn inspired paste papers, result of a day's session producing them, photographed in the company of some mineral formations, my Arabian desert roses,  part of my stone collection.
"sampler": mixed media collage, example of  the most recent paste papers' use in my work
12 x 12", various papers, mount on canvas


  1. Lovely papers, Anna.
    And those "ornaments" look like gypsum "desert roses, yes?

  2. Beautiful papers, Anna, and I love your colours. Makes me want to get out my paste papers box of tricks and have some fun.

  3. Gosh Anna, I'm with Carol here. This makes me want to get out some paper and do this. I haven't made paste papers for ages but those muted colour combinations make me itch to give it a try. I'm particularly taken by the grey and pistachio colour combination. Great inspiration as ever. Lesley

  4. Simply gorgeous. They remind me of rich brocades.


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