from scraps...

so many scraps, dried grasses, preserved "stuff" from the garden, notes, photos, all miniature reminders of grand times from the past... 
and the perfect day with a mood to match; allowing the imagination to ride high while thinking of special times still to come...
 and then the urge to put all this on paper, in haste, before the magic disappears...
the many scraps, the dried grasses, the preserved insects found in the garden, the torn old photos cracked and stained and the joy to collage them all together... that's what my day off produced!


  1. i agree with Leslie, just wonderful! i especially love the first image...

  2. your work is absolutely beautiful... geia sta cheria sou :)

  3. You convey the joy of scraps and "stuff" so well. It's a treat to see how you transform such finds. Magic, indeed. I'm glad your day off included such goodness.

  4. This is really wonderful. Those must be magic scraps indeed!


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