Bonefolder's Bind-O-Rama 2010

It happened on the first day of the new year and I am ecstatic: this morning I discovered that the books created in response to Bonefolder's BIND-O-RAMA 2010 call were published, with my interpretation included! To find out more on the project and the 21 bookbinders/artists' interpretation go to the article on line here. It was great reading the interviews comprising the content of Pamela Leutz's The Thread That Binds, being inspired by the individual stories and finally going through the thought process leading to my design and execution of binding the book's loose signatures. 
Bind-O-Rama 2010 will be included on the next issue of the Bonefolder, real soon!


  1. Anna, I saw that your book was included and I was so happy for you. I saw the books in the preview to Bonefolder so only saw your cover. Great to see your amazing endpapers as well now. Congratulations! Nice beginning to 2011.

  2. It was wonderful to see your book included. And well-deserved too!

  3. What a great surprise Anna to have on the first day of the year. It augurs well for what's to come I think. Being selected by artists you respect must give a tremendous boost to your self esteem. So well deserved. Lesley x

  4. Congratulations Anna - what a wonderful way to start the new year! Your binding and the end papers work so beautifully together -and complement the text I am sure. Fabulous news!

  5. What a wonderful beautiful book- and the title is so apt.. and also love all your favorite things in previous post.


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