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"like a prayer": mixed media triptych, 10 x 10 / open 20 x 10; the latest in the Traveling Icons series

The traveling icon format has once again appeared in my creative space; two of my works from this series have recently been acquired and now belong to a private collector and to an art foundation. Their acquisition was a reminder of something I've learned long ago: when a work is a true expression of the artist's feelings/thoughts, it reaches the viewer in a direct way, evoking a reaction equally strong to the artist's intention.
When I look at work just completed and feel totally unaware of time spent creating it and of a concious analytical thought involved in its process, most of the times this work tends to enter the category of art expression I call: generated from the heart!
Traveling Icons is a body of work resulting from an ongoing internal dialogue I have with persons long gone but still present in my mind; it represents a segment of some very personal “conversations”. The triptych format is borrowed from the old religious traveling icons whose appearance, meaning and purpose has influenced me since childhood.


  1. Truly beautiful and very very special Anna. Yours is a singular talent. I love the icon format and the images speak volumes. Lesley x

  2. Beautiful format for a very special book. I love the colours, too.

  3. The icon format is lovely and yours is so creative but personal.

  4. The triptych is so beautiful. I would love see how do make these, do you use computer with pictures or is all hand made art like art graphics or something.
    I really love what you make:)
    Greetings from Finland

  5. It's awesome Anna!!!! Truly you have found the highest expression of yourself!!


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