Thursday, October 28, 2010

window into autumn views...

inspired from autumn scenes, as I remember them  from long ago.
Once again these prints are accomplished at the end of a long creative investigation.
They are an amalgam of many techniques, applied at different instances, under different "moods".
While immersed in this "theme" I took different paths seeking solutions through different techniques; sometimes this was achieved through complete awareness, other times subconsciously.
The conclusion was reached through the use of digital technology.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

a (very) old fashioned...

paper decorating technique

In the past the art of paste was practiced in the bookbinding industry, mainly to produce patterned papers for use as endpapers in books! Now days there is a revival of all types of old fashioned paper decorating/painting techniques and I am thrilled!
I love working on old tried methods, I love researching them,  trying ancient paste recipes and when I get in the mood... well, experimenting by devising my very own! Of course as the saying goes: nothing new under the sun, so most of the time when I am sure I am forming a very "new" twist to the old tried paste recipe, it turns out it has been used before!
Here is my latest batch of autumn inspired paste papers, result of a day's session producing them, photographed in the company of some mineral formations, my Arabian desert roses,  part of my stone collection.
"sampler": mixed media collage, example of  the most recent paste papers' use in my work
12 x 12", various papers, mount on canvas

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

digital collages...

narrating a seasons' change
Periodically, as an exercise (or should I say reminder that there is always more to explore in something previously considered "done"), I revisit past works and with a new approach and attitude I see them as a source to draw from and develop something new!
Here is one more example of work resulting from bringing together fragments of cyanotype/photograms done this past summer and "marrying" them with details from mixed media/monotypes.
The resulting "collages" were developed in Photoshop while listening to Leonard Cohen songs... 
cyanotype/photogram, bleached and toned: one of the "sources" for the above digital collages

Thursday, October 14, 2010

reporting on...

Tri-Fold: New Perspectives on Book Arts

Tuesday evening was the opening of Tri-Fold: New Perspectives on Book Art, the Artists' Books exhibit I am so happy to be part of and so fortunate to happen to be in New York and able to attend. My two books on show are among some incredibly wonderful structures, by some truly talented and inspired artists. When it comes to art, I believe words are not necessary... Instead here are some of the photos I took of the books on display and also a glimpse of the actual gallery housing them in such grand style.
The show will be on until November 27; if you are in New York and interested in viewing a great show on Artists' Books in a bursting buzzing arty energy neighborhood, then you MUST get to Williamsburg and to the WAH: you will love it!
in the photos works by: Carolyn Thompson, Joseph Lappie, Julie Dodd, Silvia Japkin, Valerie Hird, Seth Apter, Anna Mavromatis
I apologize for not having all the artists' names whose works are shown here.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

showing and...

... a bit of bragging?!?!?!
SAO Select, Tradition Bank, Houston, Texas - September 2010 
Photo Book Works 
international exhibition of artists’ books incorporating photography as a primary element. 
Juried by Mia Semingson, in view at the Abecedarian Gallery, Denver, CO through October 30
and coming up in Williamsburg-Brooklyn, NY: 
Tri-Fold: New Perspectives on Book Arts 
and what a GREAT coincidence! This is happening while I am visiting New York to meet and spend time with my first and very beautiful grand baby! The other day while delivering  my selected books for the show, I met with the wonderful art director/founder Yuko Nii and had a glimpse of the other participants' works; I am truly proud to be among such amazing group of artists! 
I will be posting more on this after the opening...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

when a drying rack...

takes gargantuan proportions...
Drying racks are not among my favorites "things"; I don't consider them as the center of a universe nor an integral part of my art making landscape, unless of course we are talking about THIS drying rack!
These pictures were taken at the end of a 7 hour continuous work day; the prints produced are drying on several trays, my hands are stained with ink, I almost feel drunk from the experience AND the results, the work area is still waiting to be cleaned and I have this urge to record THE moment! My iphone complies, and this end of a day at the studio that just happened to be all mine, all quiet and still filled with the day's art producing energy is recorded for... posterity!


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