inspiration, influence?

Construction site - arty graffiti on the exposed wall - New York, NY
trompe-l'oeil wall mural - New York, NY
left: ink trace monotype on the studio wall - - - right: detail of a monotype -  Anna Mavromatis, April 2012

metal fire escapes, light and shadows - New York, NY
Last week I was back in New York and although the visit was strictly a family affair, I managed to make time to do what I love: walk through the streets, absorb the sights and sounds, immerse myself in the unique energy of this magical city, while capturing with my camera everything I knew I had to record... 
Upon my return home, I was struck by the sight of my most recent works spread around the studio; all of a sudden the connection to what I am surrounded while in New York became so evident! And so back again at my studio I am listening to the "voice" of New York in chorus with so many other voices of places I've lived, of relationships I formed, of ups and downs I've survived; their whispers are vividly dictating the narrative of my works and I am truly grateful for their guidance!
detail from a paneled structure -  Anna Mavromatis, April 2012


  1. That first graffiti photo gives me a push to get on with some cyanotype ideas Anna. Are you doing any this year or are you going to mine this other rich seam of imagery? I love that you look 'up' and find such wonderful shapes which then subconsciously translate onto the printing plate.Glorious monoprint too. What rich and elegant colours you put together.

  2. really nice inspirations, love those amazing textures!!!
    thanks and happy happy weekend,


  3. Otimos trabalhos Anna. Adoro. Me inspiram.
    Bete Domingos

  4. the New York voices shouted loud.... and you heard - amazing responses Anna!

  5. Almost spooky Anna! The images and the works are both beautiful - as you say inspired, influenced it doesn't matter really. They are just so simpatico and filled with rich beauty.


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