from her, for her...

She was strong, she was fair, she was warm and loving and she showed her feelings with no restraints and her opinion straight and direct with no regards to  being "politically" -or as I used to say-  diplomatically correct. She also loved lace; not only to buy and wear, but also to make. After office hours, for relaxation, she will crochet and knit and in her old age she will call it "work" and she will create works of art for her daughters, granddaughters, for her grandchildren and great grandchildren, for friends and we all treasured those times, her presence and gifts, we still do, and we all do miss her terribly.
This artists' book was made with her in my mind, her lace making and how the gift of creating kept her company in her late years' quiet solitude.
Today in the USA we celebrate mothers; everyday in everything I do, I celebrate mine.


  1. we celebrated mothers day in oz yesterday.... and your work and words would equally apply to my nan A - who always seemed to be crocheting some small project right to her last day..... ahhh all those strong, beautiful women who have gone before us - how much we owe them....

  2. Just perfect Anna. Nothing more need be said.

  3. Your beautiful book made me think of my own grandmother who died in 1982 aged 100. She was a talented crocheter (is there such a word?)and I have all her old hooks.


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