mini-tiny- small!

Here is one more miniature structure I've just completed, all fresh and springy despite the cold front approaching... Perhaps is the feel of the just born new year that's causing me to think small and delicate, influencing my design concept at least as far as dimensions go... Anyway, being still in this delicate mini works phase, I am also reminded of the date approaching for my promised give away: next Saturday!
If you have not already done it, it's still time to comment and enter in this new year's "thank you" give away-gift; for details check out the previous post.
I sure hope you'll get it!!!


  1. this is totally delightful anna - I just love that tiny hint of red....

  2. I really, really like this one Anna. So tiny and complex.
    I hope you are pleased with it.

  3. Another beauty. The little touch of red is perfect

  4. Frank Gehry comes to mind. (eg Disney Concert Hall)
    But this is better because you can hold it! :-)

  5. Simply breathtaking!! Great things do come in small packages!!

  6. I am amazed you can get so much detail working so small... such small folds so intricate and complex..incredible work!

  7. Anna,
    Black and white with that accent of red. You know the way to a girl's heart.


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