give away... conclusion!

This morning the final step for my very first give away was completed!
In a "cool", bare of emotions but still very much aware of aesthetics mode..., I conducted the draw; and my tiny tiny goes to: Printed Material - please email me your address. Congratulations!
Many thanks to everyone for the kindest and most wonderful comments; I enjoyed every bit of this activity and I plan to do it again...


  1. Hah! Fishing with a skewer - I love it!

    Congratulations, Lesley.

  2. Lucky Printed Material,
    I'm sure it will be a real treat for them to receive it in the mail!

  3. Oh Anna, thank you. I can't believe I will get to own an original piece of yours. I never thought I'd be glad to be skewered but I am today.

  4. I cannot feel any disappointment at not owning a beautiful piece of your art knowing that it has gone to someone so deserving. Well done Lesley!

    1. Gina,
      Thank you for this so full of goodness statement!

  5. I love your stylish selection process Anna and am so thrilled Lesley won - I gave a little 'oh Yay" from here - so from the US to the UK via Aus with a cheer!


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