Wednesday evening I made a presentation on my work at the Center for Book Arts in New York.
First of all I have to say how happy I am to have "altered neighborhood story II" juried into The [Un]framed Photograph show, how perfectly awesome to be in New York and participate in this wonderful event at the center, how terrific to be among amazing artists and seeing their work in real life...
Presently the Center is going through some serious renovation work and it's truly remarkable how they managed to have two shows going on at the same time and also to host an Artists' Talk that night. I am humbled by this experience and all elements associated with it. Many thanks to Alex Campos (Executive Director), Sarah Nicholls (Program Manager) for the superb communication, technical assistance and gracious hosting despite the construction work going on right there.

works by Tricia TreacyAileen BassisPaul ClayHeidi Neilson


  1. And I bet it was a great presentation, too. How exciting! I'm not surprised this one was included in the show. From what I can see from the photos, it looks so perfect for it. It looks like a really interesting exhibit!

  2. Congratulations Anna what a wonderful venue to show your work and a very special opportunity to be able to present on it. On top of that you get to visit New York - what a bundle of happiness all round. The book looks stunning within that space, I hope you had a great time. F

  3. big congratulation also from the other side of the world :) Looks wonderful and it would be definitely a reason to travel to New York :))


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