urban stories...

opened and closed!

This group of structures is part of a body of work based on photographs I took of a certain Brooklyn neighborhood, and "colored" by the reflections and moods I experienced during the time I spent there last winter.

Archival pigmented inks, acrylics, paste


  1. I love it, beautiful red...and a great idea of display.

  2. Hi Anna, I do love your books! I was interested to look at your materials, and I wonder: do you print over your paste paper, or the other way around?

  3. Coby, they do display great; and having both sides visible it's a BIG plus for exhibit showing, especially when they are placed on plinths with viewing all around...

    Sara, thank you!
    I do both, depending on the effect and coverage I seek...

  4. Anna,
    I didn't realise you were printing over paste paper at all. Your paste paper is like nothing I've ever seen or done before! Those photographs are fabulous... it's all fabulous.... if only I could be inside your head for a short while - just think what I'd learn! Lesley x

  5. gorgeous anna - such wonderful textures!

  6. Wow your journals are amazing. They are very expressive and have intriguing textures. Very beautiful works.

  7. Really beautiful, Anna. Such subtlety in your combination of photographs and paste papers.


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