paper, inks, folds... thoughts!

Often my work seems to respond to what I need and want right at the spot! Or is it that I create my work, subconsiously responding to my thoughts at that time or  perhaps guided by the energy of my state of being, totally unaware at the time of what my palette, my applying gestures, my motives are all about...
Here is one of my newer structures appearing almost by magic; it was completed without realizing it; maybe that's what being in a state of trance really is...


  1. some of the very best work we can make appears as if by magic (at least that's been my experience).... certainly the stuff that resonates long after the initial euphoria of creation wears off has 'something else' going on.... a divine spark perhaps?

  2. Beautiful work Anna.

    I think its the law of 'reversed effort' and have noticed this many times with myself.

    The ideas that seem to just come to you as almost and idle thought, or whim - and then you just try it out not expecting anything are the best. Anything you really labour over, and work, and over work never seems to turn out as well.

  3. They are special those moments of magic. Listening to and watching the work come into being as if you weren't even there or doing anything. What a place to spend time in...and what great results.

  4. The surface reminds me of concrete... in a rather textural, aesthetically pleasing way.

    So many things seem to turn out best when we let go and allow our non-analytical side to take over. It's something I think I needed to be reminded of myself at the moment. Thanks.

  5. Your trance state must be wonderful because you create such beautiful books - magical for sure.

  6. Oh Anna, these are such beautiful, ethereal images. You are so aware of the things around you and you use what you see to such fabulous effect. Just beautiful. Lesley x


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