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from the Altered Neighborhoods series
Here is one more "book" from my "altered neighborhood" series. The "story" is based on thoughts and emotions generated during my visits in New York. While walking through the streets of a neighborhood in Brooklyn, I imagined life in those same streets at different times (a century or two ago) by previous generations and the common threads of life with the present owners who live and flourish while inhabiting those same homes.


  1. Anna, you have a beautiful knack of making word pictures. These 'altered neighbourhood' books have your unmistakeable style but each is complete in itself, and each is different. I love them. xx

  2. delightful... I particularly like the atmospheric swirls (is it paste paper?) and I continue to admired your muted palette

  3. Yet more wonderful imagery. I love this series of work. I wonder if your imagined stories resemble actual lives. Wouldn't it be great to know? Lesley

  4. oh wonderful Anna :) love the colour and the words ...
    well...... I love the whole book :)

  5. Dear Anna,
    your blog is very beautiful. Your art is noble, precious and very very inspiring, I am glad to found it.
    I will visit your blog in future.
    Greetings from Sigrid (Germany)


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