from the "altered neighborhoods" series

When I completed this "book", I realized that although inspired and developed for my New York "altered neighborhood" series, there is a definite Japanese look (mood?)  that transpires...
If this is the case, then it's one more instance that our psychological state (our thoughts, our concerns) come to surface in our work even when we are totally unaware...
What do you think?

The last few days the news from Japan have completely permeated my world; my thoughts are constantly there and wish and pray for a recovery in all fronts with the least scars possible.
To Ai-chan's loving family I send all my best wishes, thoughts and love.


  1. I think many of our hearts and minds are leaning towards japan right now ... (what a sweet little booklet!)

  2. Greetings dear Anna,

    Truly a beautiful work of art. The entire piece has a calming, quiet effect and at the same time the windows with their styled curtains offer hope. In particular I like the embossing of the side panels that reflect the movement of the curtains.

    Like you, I too have been consumed all week with the news from Japan and though I know no one personally living in Japan, I feel pain for a country I have always felt close to.

    Thank you for sharing,

  3. Anna, your work is truly truly beautiful ! (geia sta cheria sou :)
    It has a Japanese feel to it....

    I also still in shock about what is happening in the word at the moment ....

  4. Anna,
    It is hard to sum up what is happening everywhere at the moment. It feels like something is out of control - out of our control, at least. The book has a wonderful serenity about it, yet that blue is so electric it's also very much alive. You have another triumph on your hands. Lesley x

  5. The world feels out of kilter with itself, all these natural disasters and then Libya on top of it. Seeing your book, Anna, is a lovely reminder that individuals can make beautiful things. xx

  6. I *love* this one! I really like the idea of your "altered neighborhood" series. Buildings and the textural riches of cities are so inspiring. I like the way you interpret these things.

    And I know what you mean about Japan... what can one even say?


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