images + thoughts + emotions...

Mind games played during time spent in a certain New York neighborhood 
and new works inspired by them!

During the few weeks spent in New York last month, among other things I took some long walks and a whole lot of photographs of the urban landscape surrounding me. Everything felt so new, and although the centuries old buildings show very well their age (in some instances way too well), yet with the ever changing nature of the winter light their facades surprised me with a fresh crisp appearance, as if the lowering of temperatures was having a rejuvenating effect on them! 

As the days went by, I felt being drawn more and more to the character and details of certain streets, concentrating on the facades of these old majestic buildings and realizing that I was developing a habit of making up stories played in these surroundings over the course of the last 200 years.  As if in a time-lapse movie I was seeing the houses being built, the houses getting old, their owners changing, new generations coming, the renewal - birth, life - death, winters- springs, the endless cycles of countless lives rolling and playing on the stage of this old for some/new for others neighborhood. 

Back in the studio I let the strong impressions and feelings generated during the past month becoming voices dictating me this new series of works, based on the echo of stories played in a city's very old and very resilient residential neighborhood. 


  1. Yes, the old stones, with their trove of shadowy memories, speak more than the brash new towers.

  2. They do, don't they?
    You know exactly how it felt, right?
    So nice seeing you again in this neighborhood...!

  3. The layering of these images gives a warm feeling to the many stories the buildings tell - lots of mystery and interest - each part telling a tale. A lovely way to capture your memories and thoughts!

  4. I love these. I've only been to New York once, but it conveys the essence I remember...almost overwhelming to the senses. So interesting and textural.

    I also think it's so cool that two of my favorite blog world people from different continents got to meet up in person, and in such great place. It's truly wonderful.

  5. fabulous - and such an unfamiliar subject and palette and for me.... I think that's what makes the work even more compelling ...

  6. Anna,
    These images just make me want to hold the book in my hand and stare at them in depth. I want to peer thorough the layers, find out the stories, hear you tell me what New York is like. Just makes me want to go there and find this neighbourhood and see what you see. Lesley x

  7. Ellen, it will be so great if next time you come to New York I am also there; we will get together and I will show you around some familiar and some less so but equally very special sights. I hope we do meet someday!

    Fiona, I love how you "see" this; thank you!!!

    Ronnie, I feel as if I own the stories through what I saw and captured; and this very strong urge/need to structure and present these tales on paper is overwhelming...

    Lesley, actually the feel of the book holding it is wonderful! It must be the heavy pigment application that gives the paper a quasi velvety texture... New York is indeed unique and I am thrilled that circumstances made it possible for me to be spending long chunks of time there! Hope you do make it to New york, we all meet and have a celebration!!!

  8. The photographs and their texture combine to tell a deeply mysterious and beautiful story of New York. This is a really lovely book.

  9. Thank you Carol; I am thrilled with your reaction!

    Nothing more gratifying seeing/hearing people responding to one's work, especially when it comes from people one trusts and admires..

  10. Anna, this is just beautiful, love the way the images move in and out of the page as well as the page moving in and out of the visual space, the layering of the images is very beautiful. I would love to hold and feel this book, congrats and thank-you.

  11. lovely layers of histories and memories in your 'books'-- the voices of urban life.


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