Friday, February 18, 2011

with yesterday's news...

      ... today's collages
I must admit the title is a bit misleading; these works are results of much more than yesterday's news! Actually they are an amalgam of all sorts of stuff from many "yesterdays". There are creased papers, pressed leaves,  monotypes, photographs and all kinds of patterns -details from prints of some less than perfect sessions at the studio.  And then the words that almost by a steady whisper suggest the placement, the direcion the actual mood of the work.
These are samples from a virtual pile of collages and of possible beginnings of future ones...


  1. Fabulous collage. Your work is so inspiring.

  2. Very beautiful. Very enigmatic, you could read a lot into them.

  3. Stunning set of pieces. I particularly like the last one.

  4. these are absolutely lovely! There is always so much more work that goes into a piece of art than is imagined. So much of my time goes in to the thinking and assimilating too!


  5. Anna,

    These are very tantalising! I want to have the facility to pan out and see them in their entirety. Beautiful colours. As ever I am intrigued by the slant you put on the techniques. Such skillful choice of imagery and placement. Lesley

  6. The last-but-one looks very much like raw opal.

  7. Wonderful collages! They look very mysterious. Love the second one!

  8. A-love the depth of the pieces - layering just offers such mystery. Go well. B


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