east and west...

Here is a new structure from a body of work I am developing, where printmaking practices from distant worlds are brought together in the same composition: Japanese paper stained through the orizomegami technique and Rives BFK paper  painted in a monotype printmaking application where inks have been separated and markings have been formed with a free hand spontaneous gesturing movement. 
These materials carrying two diverse printmaking/painting processes, are brought in close proximity, in a "marriage" of two distinctivelly different entities and yet in what I see as a very peaceful and harmonious union.
(oops! I meant composition...)


  1. Sumptuous and elegant at the same time. Such a beautiful combination of applications brought together with such style. It certainly is a WOW!

  2. Anna,
    Another wonderful idea skillfully realised. I love the monoprint especially. When you say inked separately do you mean two inks with different levels of viscosity? You seem to achieve such painterly pieces I just wondered if the ink is looser and therefore responds to your more epxressive marks. Does that make sense? Whatever the answer, I love it! Lesley

  3. I am truly blown away with beauty of your work.

  4. Anna these are visually stunning and would be wonderful to play with, hold and fold I think! There is so much layering and so much intrigue. Wow is the right response!

  5. Books aside (I just saw you on the book makers' blog) I think your blog design is stunning. Just got an email from Di (and a photo of you two together) and she sent me over here. I've been working on a little web designing project recently and think you've done a super job with the look of this blog. (BTW I lived in Greece for a year about 20 years ago.)

  6. I have to agree-- the end result is a truly harmonious and subtle union- and very creative too.


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