paper games!

playing with paper, passing time, concentrating on the grain, forgetting what and why, keep folding, pleating, the worktable's surface becomes a fantasy valley, the light brighter, the shadow stronger, and the imagination flying hight to unknown territories...
I still don't know why/what for, but I do love the result so far...


  1. I love the results too-- love paper because it is so versatile- can be smooth, textured, thick, thin, folded, cut, torn, -- endless!

  2. Just the most delicious twists and turns, steps and stairs. I love it too.

  3. evocative pics!

    (my small girlie is our pleating queen - she was the 'fan' making champ of kindy last year!)

  4. well the photos of the folds are art in and of themselves!

  5. I love the work and the photo's, it is really nice playing with paper. I think there is coming something out in the future. You see......

  6. Love it! The photos are wonderful. There's nothing as nice as just sitting and playing with paper, without thinking about the end product.


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