if not blue...

how about brown!

It's getting to be an obsession! Actually someone I trust, love and admire -a true mentor to me- once speaking on the subject of obsession she pointed out to me! Then she said that I have the right/necessary amount to produce the kind, amount, type, quality(?) of work I do, not the amount requiring medical intervention...!
 I am not exactly sure of the role of obsession in my case, but if getting deeper and deeper into a process, wanting to learn more and more, experimenting non stop while watching the weather predictions and praying for sun shine have anything to do with that.... well then yes! I am totally obsessed with cyanotype, or at least with trying tiny insecure child steps into the process and some of its variations...

Here are some samples of the prussian blue becoming yellow, brown and OMG the very dramatic chocolate black which I LOVE!!!


  1. These colours are just wonderful. I think I need to read about this process now. And I think the right amount of obsession is absolutely necessary for anyone involved in an artistic process.

  2. Oh Anna, that blue/brown combination is something worth being obsessed about!I was going to do some cyanotypes yesterday but the sun didn't show its face here. I have an idea and have got some small seedheads pressing in readiness. I need to make up the solution and put it into action.... have I caught your obsession? Hope so! Lesley

  3. Oh Anna I love the dark chocolate brown one as well as the warmer toned one at the top. The fragility of the grasses, wings and leaves is captured so beautifully with this technique - thanks for sharing.

  4. I think there has to be some sort of obsession involved in art work-- something that keeps us coming back for more angst and surprise and all the ups and downs and the delight when you are pleased and the drive to try again.


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