Sunday, August 22, 2010

digital patterns

It all started from my collection of pressed leaves; then this summer I got obsessed with the infinite possibilities of printmaking in the sun, making cyanotype prints and photograms and getting bitten by clouds of mosquitoes... (they love me!) 
The  following images show the results from some fun time I had indoors, in my usual intense concentration and with a little help from photoshop! Leaf patterns immersed in the light of summers past and the mood generated from their memories...


  1. You're obviously having a lot of fum with Photoshop. Great results!

  2. I truly do Carol and for you to recognize it, it means I am succeeding(?) Thank you so much for your kind comments!

  3. The patterns you can create and the lines are lovely reminders. So much scope for experimenting - from one idea to the next!

  4. using leaf patterns to conjure up memories of past summers is a lovey concept-- very nice work here.

  5. Hi Anna, I've just discovered your beautiful blog. Although I am an embroiderer your work encompasses two other things that I love - printing and books... just lovely! I am inspired.

  6. I love the first and the last, and that works for summer, too. Loved your post.


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