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"a summer's friend"
I love animals! As long as I can remember, I was drawn to “creatures” large and small… I have had dogs and cats but I never considered having a toad as a quasi pet! 
And yet it happened sometime last summer when my encounter with one resulted into a daily morning meeting routine involving tender moments of definite interaction  with photography sessions of the greenest kind!
And now all this is narrated in my latest book,  my way to show and convince some that my “relationship” with this special friend really happened!
I chose the flag structure because it translates best the quality of the movement and the jumpy personality of my friend. Needless to say I enjoyed designing and constructing this book as much as photographing the subject. 


  1. Anna,
    That is so clever! I've always fought shy of making a flag book because I think they have to have exactly the 'right' content to make them work. Sometimes people go for the structure and think that is enough. What a great story. Lesley

  2. My dear friend Anna,

    I'm glad I poped in this evening to see the tree frog. I just love these little creatures and some of them come in such beautiful colours, especially bronze.

    I have never heard of a a flag book before, yet I find this a most interesting layout.

    As always so professional and beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing.


  3. Anna, this is the perfect story for a flag book, and your interpretation is lovely. It just works so well.

  4. I love how creative this book is-- and it seems you are exploring all the colors-- as you might see if you go to my recent blog post that I am not into colors like green-- but of course it works for you and your theme and beautiful book

  5. This is a fabulous book Anna - and so right for its subject! It is entertaining and exploratory - just like your time with your friend the toad/frog!


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