For someone who loves paper this book is the ultimate possession: "unfolded" shows how artists, designers, architects and material scientists approach paper, how it is transformed in their hands, and at the same time how paper use is evolving through incredible applications in useful, and not so useful areas or objects.
I have found this book a source of immense joy and inspiration. 
I even play a game with it: I flip a random page and then I look around me and see if I have something that I either made, have or I am in process of structuring; I then place it near the page, (on top or by the side ) and marvel at how it becomes an element of style,  a complimentary companion deserving to be photographed! Some of these photos are just that: flexagons, paper models, structures  I am experimenting with, becoming harmonious companions to my treasure book and in synch with my work table's landscape! Every now and then I do question: am I too old to play? But not tonight! Tonight I feel this game is pretty grown-up, that's why I am sharing it here.
The book I am talking about: "Unfolded: Paper in Design, Art, Architecture and Industry" by Petra Schmidt and Nicola Stattmann


  1. Dear Anna

    I must say you amaze me every time and I love your playfulness that is yet serious.

    Pleasant dreams,

  2. I love paper-- I guess I must as I am a collage artist-- and these paper foldings are so creative and at times playful and at times out of this world.


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