a Japanese album!

When I was learning certain book bindings, I had no idea how perfect this knowledge one day would be for certain very important and very personal projects; like the photo album for Mark's and Ai's traditional Shinto wedding ceremony in Tokyo.  I  just completed this Japanese stub binding structure that very appropriately holds the fairy tale images of a very special and very beautiful event!

The above images show stages of this book's making: scoring pages, pasting the covers, stitching/binding with ribbon. Below: book ready to be assembled; holes have been drilled, hidden hindging holes filled and pounded, work table, floor, surrounding area is a mess, my hands hurt but... Oh! I am so happy!


  1. what a beautiful wedding and a beautiful way to put the images in a handmade book-- very lovely.

  2. Dear Anna,

    I know this is a project of pure love, a mother's love for her son and his beautiful wife.

    Thank you for sharing this exceptional treasure.

    I also love your FB badge photo.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend,

  3. What a family treasure you've made. A beautiful record of a wonderful event.


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