Linhas Iluminadas- Illuminated Lines

visiting an exhibit and immersing into the joy of art creation and friendship!

Visiting museums, checking out galleries, going to art show openings it is always a thrill and it becomes even more so when the artist is someone I know, a friend. That's the case of the show I went to last night: Linhas Iluminadas.
In a rather new and quite beautiful space, the Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts, Rosane Volchan O'Conor showed her incredible talent, craftmanship, sensibility and artistry through a selection of her amazing monoprints, culminating with the installation: Linhas Iluminadas.
Rosane's ecology awareness, knowledge, quest and contributions towards its preservation was evident and inspiring; her philosophy and beliefs very much present in the way she is telling her stories by illustrating different "paths" with strength and beauty. Truly a wonderful show!
Linhas Iluminadas is on until August 8, 2010 -  Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts


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