found in a Kyoto antique book store

I have designed and made several albums using the various stitches of the Japanese Stub binding method; it is a simple and rather elegant way to create a book and by choosing from the variety of the traditional stitch patterns and the myriad of yarns, ribbons, threads available,  the statement regarding the contents of the "book", its style and purpose becomes very clear. Being so familiar with this binding I would have never guessed the excitement I felt when a few days ago, while walking in the streets of Kyoto I came face to face with a number of old books bound this way and waiting for their next owner! There was no way I could resist the sight and ended up touching, opening, closing, admiring, almost forgetting everything else over the striking and at the same time humble  presence of these books. I am so glad I left the shop carrying one of them and having it now right here with me!


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