The tradition of paper decorating is very old and pretty much developed by all cultures as soon as they started using paper. Depending on the weight and texture of paper at hand and the dyes and tools used, a great variety of approaches were developed in the quest of changing the appearance of a blank surface. The common element of course is the interest we all share in trying to alter a blank surface, to somehow leave our mark; through this effort our different traditions, symbols and meanings are expressed,  finding a place to be displayed by permeating the surface and binding with the fibers of the paper.
Orizomegami is the Japanese art of decorating papers by a method of folding and dipping them into pools of natural dyes. By a variety of intricate folds, patterns reminiscent of stained windows are formed and depending on the number and placement of the folds more complex patterns appear.
For the orizomegami examples pictured here, I used very fine hand made chinese paper dipped in sumi ink (diluted to various degrees, thus giving several shades of color) and chinese mineral watercolors. After the papers dry and pressed flat the folds' creases remain visible - one of the characteristics of orizomegami. It is a rather simple method and my papers shown here -being result of a beginner's attempt- showcase just that.  With practice and skill  though, tremendously sophisticated patterns can be created and that raises this craft into a true art form.
I am planning to attempt a tutorial on this, so check back soon and let me know if you are interested.


  1. this is so beautiful, Anna, and I adored the card that you sent Egmont, just scrolled down and saw more of your ethereal work! lovely!

  2. Anna, just discovered your website and beautiful images of paper art. I love paper and can stay in a shop for hours touching and falling into a trace just imaging all i can do with it.
    I would love to learn your techniques and learn more about this art form.
    So happy i found you.


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