in the wings...

Here is a preview of one of my latest "book" structures; the wavy shape is achieved by joining segments/cut-outs from cylindrical cardboard boxes and stitching them together.
Every two segments are  joint by a hidden stitch, and the pairs are joint by a simple modified coptic stitch. The wavy pages present the "story" of this young lady in wait for her "future" to begin. I see her as if she is waiting patiently in the wings of a theatre stage, to be called for her life's role. The photograph is a portrait of a distant aunt, taken indeed in a turning point of her life just before getting married. I did the  photo montage in photoshop, and then printed it on a handmade japanese fine paper, using an Epson printer with archival pigmented inks. The colored rhythmic patterns completing the "collage" are monotypes printed with rubber based inks on an etching press. The photograph has been incorporated on the monoprints by the chine-collé method, at the time they were pulled.

Title: "in the wings"
each panel: 12 x 21 cm, 12 x 55 cm when extended. 
Materials: Rives BFK heavyweight, Japanese fine art paper, wheat starch glue, waxed linen cord, VanSon rubber based inks. 


  1. this is an awesome book, I love the curved nature of it...

  2. Dear Anna,

    I see my good friend Caterina has beaten me by having visited you first.

    Anyway, the structure of your book with its curvature is innovative and becoming sculptural as well.

    I appreciated the list of materials used as it gives me a better understanding of the construction.

    Thank you for sharing,

  3. I see you have two blogs-- don't know how you manage two-- I can barely keep up with my one blog!
    But I like this one very much too-- love hand made books and yours are very unique and lovely.

  4. Beautiful, inspiring work And a technique I know nothing about achieving. I'm in awe of your unique creativity. It opens up new possibilities for all of us.


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