make believe!

"in search of make believe" is a triptych dedicated to a companion of many years ago, a doll that is still very present in the little girl's memories, dreams, attempts of planning a grown-up future and all sorts of make believe games...
The little girl that played with this doll is now a grown up woman; she has lived in several places around the world with this doll always in close proximity! The doll has witnessed magical times and some of the dreams becoming reality; meanwhile time for make believe games has become less and less necessary...
So here is this tribute to a special friend; the hinged panels open and close, reminiscent of the rituals of putting out the toys to play and back to their place for a rest or a good night's sleep!

The three panels are hinged together with a hidden coptic stitch.
Monoprints done especially for this project are mounted on tubular segments.
Rives BFK, archive pigmented print on xuan, linen waxed cord, PVA adhesive
Patience and love for the craft in putting it together!


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