World Book Day!

As a Book Arts practitioner as well as a person who loves all kinds of books, I am observing this World Book Day by sharing one of my "keepsakes" series composition, expressing my love not only for book content, but also for book form and all its derivatives...
Happy World Book Day!

*According to UNESCO's announcement, April 23 was chosen as a symbolic date for world literature. On April 23, 1616 Cervantes, Shakespeare and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega all died. It is also the date of birth or death of other prominent authors, among them: Maurice Druon, Haldor K.Laxness, Vladimir Nabokov, Josep Pla and Manuel Mejía Vallejo.


  1. Hi AM - beautiful image and a very important day to observe. B

  2. We celebrate the book in all its wonderful forms!

  3. As a book lover myself, I always admire your creativity with paper and book forms


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