fully bloomed...

Creating this structure felt very similar to draping fabric around a mannequin/creating a garment! My fashion design past came alive, the spinning sensation while waiting for the show to start,  the models to enter, the collection to become alive for that short time of dreamy floating eternity...

"fully bloomed"
is a paper sculpture composed by a variety of traditional printing methods monotypes as well as computer generated patterns and imagery on coffee filters, draped, layered and incorporated into a folded reclaimed book.


  1. "Fully Bloomed" is absolutely stunning...the colors, the form, the marks on those voluptuous draped "pages." I love the connection to fashion design - I can definitely feel the magic of that as a source of inspiration...

  2. What a lovely, lovely form Anna - and such warmed and muted colours. It must have been wonderful reliving the 'fabric' draping feeling!


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