summertime's blooms...

It is a very hot and wet summer, and my garden truly loves it!

Everything is in a blooming frenzy, bees and butterflies are constantly around and I have to admire all this magic from a distance. Despite all the protection I take, the mosquitos are after me, attacking me en mass; as a result going outside to check and photograph my plants has become an agonizing, painful and itchy experience. 

So here my solution/consolation;  bringing the blooms in, and using scanography to record their intense beauty and discover their silk chiffon like softness and preciousness still intense at the end of their lives, at the very end of a summer day.


  1. Yes, even as they fade and die, petals are beautiful. Sorry about the mosquitoes, Anna.I, too, suffer badly, despite drenching myself in lavender oil, rosemary, mint...even the stronger chemicals are not effective.

  2. Beautiful images Anna - and a great resolution. I have found a wonderful mosquito preventative (I am a mosquito magnet) from New Zealand, all natural and pretty effective, called Goodbye sandfly...happy travels!

  3. Anna, we substitute mosquitoes in this part of the world with horse flies. I get an allergic reaction to their bites similar to your mosquito hell so I sympathise! I made one of those black boxes for scanning but did not get those beautiful effects when I tried it. These gorgeous photos make me want to try again but it is your composition and choice of colours that I can't beat. Beautiful with the black background. Just like tissue paper and silk. Lovely.


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