in print!

I am super excited to have my cyanotype works in print!

These works were created several months ago, they were exhibited in the beginning of this year, which means that for me -the artist- their chapter has really closed. Now days I am immersed in new rhythms and new creative rides, and I was totally surprised by the strong connection I still felt while designing this book. The sense of my deep commitment towards that project was alive again, and the realization of the effort and the emotions I invested in its development... startling!

I will be happy to hear from you, your comments and thoughts on this type of work presented in this type of book.
Talk to you soon.


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    1. ooooo thank you Ronnie; your book is super lovely, too!

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    1. Thank you Angelika.
      Always a great feel to have my visitors/friends approve!

  3. You have a sale! I shall be working out how to buy one of these treasures. You know me and blue and white. Can't resist it!

  4. Lesley, I do know how much you like cyanotype works and I am very happy you want to have "in blue". Let me know when you receive it, I will send you a mini original cyanoprint!

  5. Anna--what a wonderful idea to present a body of work that way. The book looks scrumptious! What beautiful design and layout. You have yourself another sale here… :-)

    1. Ellen, what a compliment!
      Do sent me your address so I can mail you a mini original cyanoprint to accompany "in blue".


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