Sunday, December 23, 2012

the making of... Christmas card!

This fall an excessive amount of acorns kept falling off the trees, spreading allover the lawns and streets in my neighborhood. Soon I found out that this unusually huge amount was result of the excessive drought the area has been experiencing the last 2 years. It was funny to see even the squirrels not interested in collecting any more of these beautifully formed nuts, and so I decided to hold my own mini harvest for an arty purpose: my 2012 Christmas card. Paired with dried blooms from wild grasses and adding some red berries from my pyracanthas, I used my scanner's bed as stage to style my garden finds into shapes associated with Christmas. I formed a series of images depicting wreaths and holiday trees, carrying the theme of seasonal celebration, as well as a reminder of the beauty and richness of nature in my surroundings.
And so I wish to all my blog readers and friends a very Happy Christmas!
May you find time and energy in the new year to enjoy and celebrate all nature's gifts!


  1. Very inventive, Anna.And beautiful. My good wishes to you and your family.

  2. Totally stunning and awe-inpsiring Anna! Makes me want to get out and find a few acorns...or maybe gum nuts for us. Best wishes for Christmas and a creative new year, F

  3. love how you made your Christmas cards, thanks for sharing!

    Merry Christmas!

  4. They are delightful! Merry Christmas, Anna.

  5. This makes me want to get my scanner fixed Anna. Such a clever idea and so good to re-purpose seedheads and berries like that. Best wishes for Christmas to you and yours for Christmas and the New Year!

  6. I love the things you do with your scanner. Those are great!

    And a very merry Christmas to you, Anna! I hope you've had a good one.

  7. AM- very, very creative - I love them - the process and the cards = stunning on the black. Hoping you are having a joy filled Christmas period; and may peace be yours always. B

  8. what a stunning idea, love it! happy new year to you, may your year be filled with love and creativity ♥


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