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A month or so before the holidays and while going through my gift giving list, I realized the need for a number of special gifts I wanted to offer; gifts of a symbolic nature, given from the heart, made by my hands and carrying the message of great appreciation for the presence of that particular person in my life.
These are some of these special gifts I prepared; the origami boxes were made with paste paper or magazine pages, the roses were curled from strips of old books' pages after I had brush stroked in ink; the "candies" were folded from magazine pages, the bookmark and lacy paper handkerchief from printmaking paper, and for the hankie I used paper I had previously patterned with hand cutouts and then lined in tulle! The fragrant rosemary I collected from my garden!


  1. What wonderful paper gifts for your special friends.. made from paper which I love. I wish I had your gift for such creativity. happy new year!


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