The "model" for these images is a structure composed 100% with recycled materials! Store fliers printed on non glossy paper that somehow spoke to me and consequently inspired me to divide, cut, fold and then sew on strips of printmaking paper for what seemed an eternity!
What followed was my habitual photo shoot session. I always photograph my work upon completion, and often the images I create give me new leads, new material for further works and exercises.
These pictures are results of some good play-time on my computer, superimposing shots, playing with transparencies, with light and the overwhelming urge to "record" new ideas by creating multi-layered working "notes" for stories and story books to follow...
These images are good examples of when work and having a fantastic fun-time coincide!


  1. Just imagine - every week my bin is full of such fliers! Well, not quite full...I do sometimes save some for papier mache, collage or just "sloppy papers" when I'm printing!
    However, I do not make things as beautiful as this. Thank you, Anna.

  2. I love these shots anna --- very atmospheric

  3. Absolutely beautiful images, Anna. Your photographic work is as stunning as your book art.

  4. I love these shots Anna. All that movement and layering! Brilliant.

  5. looks like a delicious play day Anna - so good to be back in the groove!

  6. Delicious images, great photos. Almost a finished book.


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