from my scanner...

autumn reflections!
It has been a while since the idea of using a scanner for image creating became rather appealing and the thought of devoting time exploring it more and more persistent... And so a few days ago reflecting on the end of summer - beginning of autumn, I felt getting in that "mood" and wishing to express and record it.
Here are samples of this very first attempt of mine, playing around with garden cuttings and quite losing the sense of when, where, why... The scanned images further adjusted in Photoshop, reflect exactly my  views on season change, of autumn's arrival.


  1. These are stunning! Makes the simplest of cuttings look so exotic and intriguing... or maybe they are exotics? Whatever Anna, they are fabulous images.

  2. I wish my first attempt on anything were that beautiful! Will you use them in a book?

  3. I have missed some posts and have been scrolling down and I saw that you have been to Tokyo? I hope you had a wonderful trip.. I have been to Kyoto twice and absolutely loved it. And of course I love your very creative books.

  4. What beautiful scannings Anna. How big is your scanner? Like Ersi, I'm wondering/imagining these great images in one of your books.

  5. wow, beautiful! found you through Janine Whitlings blog :)


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