looking down in Tokyo...

...and finding {loads of} inspiration on the streets' pavements!

Arriving in Tokyo from the US, you suffer the most persistent jet lag! You get up at 5:00 in the morning and camera in hand you start walking/exploring the amazing city; suddenly you realize that you are stepping on the most elegant and cleanest pavements ever! Next you recognize the endless possibilities for translating the unexpected geometry into your art vocabulary.
Can't wait to do just that, once I am back at the studio.


  1. Loving these drain covers(or whatever they cover!), Anna.
    I remember, long ago in London, when brass rubbings were the rage, I would take charcoal rubbings of coal hole covers.
    I look forward to your new additions to your art vocabulary.

  2. Wondeful photos, Anna, of beautiful street art. It always pays to look down. Now that we have mobile phones we can snap everything that appeals. I'm sure these will appear in your book art.

  3. I really like your artistic view of the world, Anna.
    Wonderful photos.


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