on paper, with paper, from paper... 

Some of these objects were made intentionally, some for experimentation, some out of boredom and some in a desperate attempt to make the long hours on a transcontinental flight go by faster.
The last ones, the ones I did on the plane were made from papers at hand: pages from newspapers and magazines, cropped by creasing and tearing (for obvious reasons - no scissors available on the plane ...)
I am happy to say that as by magic, the hours of flying over the Atlantic flew by faster than ever before!

Moral of the story: folding paper on a plane softens the mental and physical misery and speeds up the clock's ticking by an incredible lot...


  1. ...and you have some lovely things to account for your fight time!

  2. I shall keep this in mind...just hope I'm not a full plane with no elbow room!

  3. Sometimes the unexpected materials work so much better than anything you could have planned in advance don't they?

  4. Certainly time well spent Anna - these are lovely and gentle.

  5. WOW Anna, Love how you spend time on a plane, have made a note to myself, hopefully I will remember it next time we fly. Thanks for this.


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