ink + water + paper...

+ having fun with my camera!
Sometimes the "high" of creating [painting, folding, dipping, pressing, structuring, etc.] is extended - sometimes even surpassed - during photo shooting and photo editing time!
These images are examples and proof of this type of "high"..............


  1. I love this folded structure... and yes I have the same photographic 'highs' too (although I'm not much into editing... I rarely do anything of anything after the shot has been taken.... mind you I DO use all manner of devices and apps during the shooting phase!)

  2. I was going to say: "it looks as if you've done a Ronnie..."

    But Ronnie's comment came in first so I'll just go ahhh...

    Now, moussaka-filled, I'm shutting down for the night...

  3. Utterly beautiful Anna - I love the fold that holds the curved pieces, and as ever your colours and style are sublime! A lovely visual feast from over here!

  4. you are right.. how one displays or exhibits one's work-- can enhance the work.. and the camera can be an extension.


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