thoughts and emotions..

... reflecting onto paper
The natural disaster and its aftermath in Japan has been constantly in my mind.
My emotions in the company of deeply rooted traditions and customs from my homeland have been influencing my thoughts and are creeping more and more into my work without consciously recognizing it until later...


  1. yes japan has been ever present in my thoughts..... just two weeks ago our area experienced its 2nd nastiest flood on record... I think most folk around these parts gained a new respect and empathy for those affected far away (me - well the whole disaster reinforced my position on nuclear energy - NO! NO! NO! NO!)

    I love your compositions - delicate yet strong

  2. Yes, I feel much the same.
    Sometimes, we need to "howl at the moon" and at other times making a small, delicate gesture, like yours,helps to still our inner rage.

    Sending good vibes for all friends and family in Japan.

  3. Anna - lovely warm and healing works. Its hard to deal with so much sadness and distress but little bits by all of us help. These are beautiful.

  4. Anna,
    These images are so peaceful and calming. Absolutely beautiful. Lesley x

  5. Anna, such beautiful and evocative images.

  6. Anna, I just want to stare at this piece. The light, textures and interplay of the different elements--so mysterious--is striking. Evocative indeed.

  7. I too have been thinking of the tragedies and sadness in Japan.. especially since I have had to postpone my trip to Japan.. your paper pieces are a beautiful tribute.


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