so new...

...some are still drying on the rack!
My newest monotypes incorporating collages from "yesterday's news" series.
These two are among a group of works showing at G Gallery in Houston, Texas.


  1. the colours are just amazing Anna :) wonderful work , so .... complete !

  2. Stunning work Anna - so many layers, such beautiful colours working together - a real treat!

  3. Oh Anna,
    Just beautiful. Wonderful layered images. Is there NOTHING you can't do ? Lesley x

  4. Michele, thank you! These belong to a group of 12; at this point I call it complete-I think-for sure!

    Fiona, I am thrilled you like them!

    Lesley, Thank you for the kind words and the compliment!
    (for sure there is so much I wish I knew how to do, could do, or simply just do...)

  5. Anna
    it has only just occurred to me to let you know that your artists book work arrived safely at my house in Scotland.

    Sorry for not letting you know sooner.

    and Thank you


  6. Aine,
    I am glad and relieved you've received it; thank you for letting me know.

  7. Hmmmm, I think I just left a comment but I sort think I didn't so this may be a duplicate... but my last comment was basically this: these are wonderful and I am sure they are dry by now.

  8. Donna, Thank you!
    Yes! they are all dry, some are already framed and some are going places...
    Thank you for persisting with the sometimes difficult blogger...
    I LOVE your comments!!!


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