rapid gestures in ink!

Sometimes while working in the printmaking studio, I get to a state where all structured plans for work fade away,  the sense of time disappears, and I lose myself into something beyond any specific mental or physical working mode... Suddenly I realize the closing time is right NOW, the work I've produced is drying occupying an incredibly high number of racks, I need to clean up because the whole building is shutting down,  and I still feel ready to go for at least a few more hours!

The above images show details of works done in the kind of state I've just described. They "speak" of the unique multifaceted experience as an artist I have the fortune to call: work!
monotypes on Rives BFK, VanSon rubber based inks, charbonnel etching inks


  1. they really feel spontaneous...wonderful colours.

  2. Ida, They are exactly that; so spontaneous and so totally impossible to duplicate any of these patterns...
    Thanks for stopping by...

  3. Oh, gorgeous, they look as though you had the best time doing them. Such freedom of line.

  4. these ink pieces are sublime..so nice to meet you in blog world. wonderful stuff !

  5. Hi, just wondering why you use offset printing inks vs. monoprinting inks like Akua or Createx...

  6. Jill, the rubber based ink's translucency and color intensity are not found in other types of ink; those qualities are the reason I most often use the VanSon...


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