poetry in folds...

The three books in their folds contain verses written by two of poetry's greats: Odysseus Elytis and Yiannis Ritsos.

I could have called this post "final destination" (as an obvious continuation of the previous post), but as I have learned through my art practice, nothing can be called "final"!
So for the time being... that particular leaf's wonderings have come to a certain "rest station"!


  1. I'm glad you posted more of these. They really are lovely.

    Indeed...art-related ideas are never "final"!

  2. Oh yes; I am glad you agree!
    How many times what I determined "final" evolved into something else...
    Thank you for stopping by

  3. These books are beautiful Anna and obviously full of 'soul'. You're right. Nothing is ever final. Good! Lesley

  4. These are just lovely - a great 'team' and the balance between print, words and folds seems to work beautifully. Very inspirational (as I sit and do a triangle concertina fold on a scrap of paper...)

  5. Thank you all for your super comments!
    Carol, you are always so kind and supportive;
    Lesley, you seem to know the words touching me the most;
    Fiona, hearing the word inspiring (or its derivatives...) from fellow artists is THE greatest compliment!
    Thank you Paper Chipmunk, Carol, Lesley and Fiona for making my day(s)!!!

  6. These are so beautiful. Like my own work, which I often think of as poetry, one image becomes another image. Thanks

  7. Anna are there books that you like, that you would recommend to make books? Thanks

  8. your hand made books are so lovely and the poetry is set off so beautifully.


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