entering a dream world: literally!

To have the intimate format of an old fashion tunnel book translated into a "modern" art installation, while maintaining the delicate charm of a fairy tale...  this is pure magic! This absolute magical transformation has happened at the Rice University's Art Gallery by Andrea Dezsö, offering the viewer the sense of truly becoming part of this dreamy tale of creatures inhabiting faraway worlds. Andrea brought her too real looking world of dreams into life and made me feel ecstatic and thrilled feeling part of it.
I have always liked this particular gallery, admired the choice of artists showcased there and now my respect for their selection process has grown even more. Thank you Rice and thank you Andrea for "sometimes flying in your dreams " and bringing those dream scenes to Houston!
Rice University Art Gallery


  1. how amazing is this Anna! what a delight thank you!

  2. Dear Anna,

    I thank you for sharing your discoveries about other artists with us, as it only widens my views about art and its endless possibilities.

    Warmest regards,


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