some stars!

The first day of the year is such unique type of day... Unstructured, most often unplanned, with a grand mix of conflicting moods and feelings, thoughts and dreams mingled with feelings of exhaustion and awe! Where did a whole year go? Is it truly gone? What do these landmark dates do to our minds and psyche? Does the Auld Lang Syne nostalgic sound affect the way we bid goodbye to the gone year and influence the way we approach and welcome the new? Does the repeating moody and rather sad tune influence the kind of dreams we have when we finally go to sleep, that first sleep in the new year? 
Well, there is nothing unstructured, unplanned or randomly done about these "star books" I constructed a year ago. From the type of paper used, measurements, color scheme and dimensions to the thread they are sewn, and the selection of ribbons and paper used for their covers, all these steps are extremely well planned and executed! As well planned and with such joy created as we should plan and live every new year. Happy new year!!!


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