my "apparitions"...

I find the suminagashi method of marbling papers a most relaxing and meditative exercise.
While preparing the papers that later formed the "figures" for this book, I spent -or should I say devoted?- hours and hours over the water bath I've especially prepared for this task.  At first, I randomly created the movement and shapes of the ink circles, ending up with papers totally covered with the resulting marbling/suminagashi impressions.  Later, once I started shaping the forms and the"story" for this book, I went back and did a whole stack of more suminagashi marbled papers directing exactly the forming patterns, and feeling rather proud for my recently accomplished skill...
The folding and shaping resulted in a series of forms that I eventually attached to a folding concertina structure made by monoprints created at the studio the last few months.
I almost forgot to say that sometimes trying to photograph these works ends up being as labor intensive as the creation of the actual piece! So here it is my latest Artist's Book: "apparitions".


  1. Dear Anna,

    I can certainly see all the work that was involved and once again your craftsmanship shines 100 percent. Your photography is flawlwss as usual.
    When I first looked at the image of the book, I thought it was made with topygraphical maps due to the circles resembling elevations, this is evident in evey single panel.

    Congratulations on an excellent custome book!

    Warmest regards from Northern California,


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